Why Russia?

The Art: The Hermitage art collection in St. Petersburg is enough to attract a tourist for several days, and it is only small amount of what you can visit and see in Russia. There are14 historical objects in Russia protected by UNESCO, beautiful palaces and museums, temples and cathedrals.

Nature: There are vast territories of primary nature in Russia that could be explored by tourists! You will be impressed by the beautiful sceneries of the Caucasus Mountains, by the great beauty of the world’s deepest Lake Baikal, by the geysers of Kamchatka. Geographical vastness of Russia extends from subtropical regions till High Arctic tundra and from the Baltic Sea till the Pacific Ocean.

Imperial and communist history: you are going to explore life and everyday routine of Russian tsars and empresses in the Catherine Palace, the Peterhof, you can visit the Lenin’s Mausoleum, the head department of the KGB (State Security Committee) and observe the soviet architecture.

Entertainment: You will enjoy the famous Russian ballet, visit the theatre or classical music concerts. Russia is famous for its active night life, you can spend the whole night dancing in a night club or sitting in a bar with live music.

Russian winter: Russian winter is a great time to visit our country!! You can feel yourself as if you are in a real winter fairytale.

Why Moscow and Kazan? You are welcome to explore and discover Russia from different points of view; first, you should visit Moscow with worldwide renowned state symbols, such as St. Basil’s cathedral, the Kremlin and the Red Square, then Kazan, now declared the third Russian capital, with its unusual combination of national traditions and modern life.


Why St. Petersburg and Kazan? St. Petersburg is cultural capital of Russia. There is no any other city in Russia with so many palaces, museums and other architectural and historical monuments. The Hermitage, the Peterhof, the Peter-and-Paul Fortress are the most beloved and annually visited by millions of tourists from all over the world. Kazan also has a rich history; it is very dynamic and is now becoming one of the most popular touristic cities. Discovering national culture and original national cuisine will make you return here again and again!


Why Uliyanovsk and Kazan? This tour is offered to the tourists, interested in Lenin’s life path. Uliyanovsk is a city where he was born and spent his childhood. Lenin studied in Kazan State University.


Why Kazan? Kazan is one of the most popular touristic cities in Russia, and welcomes millions of tourists from all over the world every year. This city combines different cultures, nationalities, religions, East and West meet here and live in peace and quiet. Kazan is now recognized as a sport capital of Russia; the Universiade took place in Kazan in 2013, the 16th FINA World Championships were held in 2015. Besides, a lot of different sport events, festivals, concerts, cinema festivals are held every year in Kazan. Life of many important Russian people is closely connected with Kazan. You are welcome to visit our hospitable city!